4 in 1 Security Service



4 in 1 Security Service

Your Site will be protected using these security prevention services.

* Encypted Database information values at these 2 files

The 2 files has the database information and it is vulnerable to a good hacker
that wants to edit/delete/update your database data/records. If these 2 files database
information are encrypted, the hacker will have a hard time to know your database info.

* Block Common types of exploits

* Credit Card(Manual) information can only be seen at email and not
from your Admin Orders page

* Secure Admin – this will secure your admin panel and it will block sql injection
or any other attacks to get logged in to the admin panel will be denied.
Your admin panel can only be access to office IP Address, to prevent others
accessing your admin site.


These security services is a must have.

Compatibility: All versions
Professional Installation Service: Not Included

Support: 30 Days
Refund: No refund Policy


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