Interspire Upsell Module 6.1.1 to 6.1.9



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 Why Upsell?

• Increase sales by 20-40% instantly

• Unlimited number of upsells

• Increase average order size by 30%

• Easy to install

• Recoup your investment in less than a month!


• Works on version 5.5.4 to 6.1.8

• Unlimited number of upsells for each product

• Uses a light box to show upsells (no popups)

• Upsells presented right before billing information is entered

• Upsells for physical and digital products

• Available for immediate download

• 5-minute install instructions provided

Increase sales by 20-40% instantly


Have you ever been shopping for a computer online and been asked if you would like a monitor or a keyboard? Or, how about buying a domain and been asked if you want privacy protection or a longer registration period? Or, how about in the grocery store and seen the gum and drinks in the checkout isles?


All of these are examples of well placed upsells. Companies use them because they can easily add 20-40% of additional revenue with almost no effort. If the upsell is done right, your customers are ready to buy your product or service, then you strategically present them with an upsell for a related product, and you now have an order value much higher than it would have been without the upsell.

Adding upsells to existing sales is one of the easiest ways to dramatically increase your sales. Companies such as GoDaddy,, Dell, and more use upsells all of the time because they work!

Now, your online store built on the Interspire Shopping Cart can now have this feature too. The ProfitEcommerce Interspire Upsell Module will allow you to compete with the big boys and drive additional profits for each order placed at your store.

Unlimited number of upsells

One great feature of the ProfitEcommerce Interspire Upsell Module is that it allows you to add an unlimited number of upsells to each product sold in your store. Simply select the products you want to offer as upsells for each product sold in your store and those upsells will be presented at checkout.

Increase average order size by 30%

What’s one of the best ways to increase revenue in a business? Increasing average order size.

By increasing average order size you are simply making your marketing and your business more effective by driving more sales and profits with the same number of customers. Offering upsells on each order allows you to add more revenue by increasing the number of products your customers purchase each time they buy.

Easy to install

Installing the Interspire Upsell Module is easy and fast. You just need to add the code that we provide you to a few different files in your store and you will be ready to go.

If you have edited any of the files in your store before, it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to implement the upsell module on your existing store.

Recoup your investment in less than a month!

You can easily recoup your investment in the ProfitEcommerce Interspire Upsell Module in less than a month if you add upsells to all of your products. In our stores, we have seen upsells increase sales by 20-40%, depending on the product and the store.

If you increase sales by even just 15% with the Interspire Upsell Module and you are currently selling $20,000 worth of products and services each month, then you have just added $3,000 in sales. So, with a 20% profit margin, you have added $600 to your bottom line – more than recouping your investment!


Support: 30 days only
Professional Installation Service: Not Included
No Refund Policy


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